Nutgrass Killer For Above Ground Pools

Nutgrass Killer for Ocala FL

It’s important to understand what nutgrass is and how to stop it from damaging your new pool liner.  Nut-grass or nut-sedge is a stubborn weed commonly found in the southern US and along the U.S. eastern coast. It can be hard to spot in lawns as it looks very similar to normal grass blades. What makes it bad for pool owners is the fact this nutgrass will grow through pool liners and practically anything you would put under one. The list of common materials used in the installation of above ground pools and pool liners include pool floor pads, plastic sheeting, plywood, Styro-foam, weed barriers and many others.  If nutgrass can grow through asphalt roads it will definitely grow through your above ground pool liner. The only way to deal with this potential problem is to treat the ground before installing your pool liner.

I would never install an above ground pool or liner in Ocala or anywhere else in Florida without using nutgrass killer. If you do you run the risk of having to purchasing a new liner and buying nutgrass killer anyway. This cost doesn’t even include the expense of installing that new pool liner, filling your pool again and the loss of chemicals. This may be hard to believe but this happens all summer long in hundreds of Florida backyards each summer. The sad part is that preventing nutgrass from ruining your pool liner and your wallet takes minimal investment.

When dealing with nutgrass you don’t want to skip treatment or cheap out here, If so, you may end up paying the price for it.I would always buy the commercial grade chemical and use as directed. If you can afford it buy a little extra to ensure nutgrass doesn’t become an issue.

The product shown here says use one bag for every 380 sq ft. This means roughly 1 bag for small pools up to 18′ round, 2 bags for midsize pools up to 27′ round and 3 bags for large pools. For ovals this equates to 1 bag for up to 12×24, 2 bags for 15×30 and 3 bags for anything larger. Use more on your pool if you can afford it and buy an Armor Shield to prevent critter damage. This is the combo I personally use and recommend.

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