Pool Cove For Above Ground Pools

Pool Cove For Above Ground Pools Ocala FL

When installing any traditional above ground pool or pool liner, it’s important to make sure you have a proper pool cove. A pool cove is simply a transition area between the horizontal pool floor and the vertical pool wall. The berm or ramp ensures the liner does not come in contact with the pool frame rails or other metal components. The frame rails, connector plates, buttress pieces etc can puncture the vinyl material due to sharp edges or corners if the pool liner comes in contact with them. Another benefit of the pool cove is it relieves stress on the pool liner seams. When using a proper sized pool cove the liner doesn’t have to stretch as far and the material is under less pressure.

The pool cove in the image shows how pre-formed pool cove kits make for a uniform and professional finish to your above ground pool project. The preformed flexible wedge shaped pieces measure 4″H x 3″W x 48″L and made from chemically neutral closed cell Ethafoam. They’re placed around the entire inside perimeter of the pool at the base of the wall, and held in place by a tacky adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered by a clear, releasable film that is peeled away when the cove is being installed. The adhesive backing attaches the cove section to the pool wall and holds it firmly in place.

It is mandatory to use this type pool cove if building an above ground pool on a hard surface like concrete. If installing your above ground pool on the soft ground or earth of Ocala or most of Florida, you can use this product or build your own cove from the natural earth or sand.

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