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Pool Skimmers For Ocala FL

Above ground pool skimmers are one of the most overlooked replacement parts of the above ground pool. As odd as this may seem, the skimmer is responsible for 90% of pool wall rust outs. Corrosion around the skimmer opening this the number one cause of pool wall failure. The leaks that cause the pool to rust are usually due to bad skimmer gaskets or stripped out skimmer screw holes. Skimmer screw holes become stripped out because they skimmer screws are either over tightened during installation or the plastic has become brittle and cracked. Disassembly and re-assembly due to pool liner replacements are often the cause if these leaks. Don’t let let the tough Ocala sunshine take it’s toll on your pool, closely examine your skimmer box for cracks, stripped screw holes or broken pieces before installing that new pool liner.

Be sure to look closely at the gaskets too as these are the culprit of many pool skimmer leaks. The best way to address the issue is to purchase a complete skimmer kit. They are available for most above ground pools and are very reasonably priced. Skimmer kits include everything needed to completely replace the skimmer and return jet. Common kit components include skimmer body, wide-mouth throat extension, face plate, gasket set, leaf basket, screws, weir door, skimmer lid, vacuum plate, return fitting, and hose connectors.

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