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Hi Ocala, we have thousands of pool covers in stock and ready to ship right to your doorstep. Don’t get stuck with high prices and pool selection, check out our huge inventory of all types of pool covers. We have solar blankets, winter covers, mesh cover and leaf net covers for above ground pools and inground pools and in many popular sizes. We even make safety covers in custom sizes for residential and public inground swimming pools. Most all pool covers ship same day ordered and deliver to your doorstep in about 3 days. Custom safety covers take about a week.

Winter Pool Cover For Ocala FL

Winter Pool Covers – A winter pool cover is a non-porous tarpaulin like cover that’s placed over the swimming pool and on the water’s surface and prevents outside contaminants like rainwater, leaves, critters and other types of debris from entering the pool water. Solid winter covers do a great job at keeping your pool clean when not in use and also prevents the growth of algae by blocking it’s needed sunlight. All of our solid pool covers block at least 95 percent of sunlight. Thicker cover last longer and are more durable.

Mesh Pool Cover For Ocala FL

Mesh Winter Pool Covers – Although very similar in appearance to the solid pool cover, the mesh winter pool cover is a porous version that allows rain water and melting snow to pass through the cover into the swimming pool while stopping twigs, leaves and any large debris from entering the water. However very small debris or silt will make it through, but this will require minimal clean up during spring time. And with no water accumulation on the cover, no cover pump is required for it’s removal. Mesh pool covers also attach to the pool or deck the same way as the solid covers do.

Pool Leaf Net Covers For Ocala Above Ground Pools

Leaf Nets – Leaf nets are often used by pool owners who experience a lot of falling leaves or pine needles during the swimming off season. A leaf net looks much like a fishing net but made from Polyethylene to prevent decay or breakdown. The leaf net is simply used in conjunction with any type of pool cover to make removing large amount of debris from the cover easy. Leaf net are placed on top of the winter cover and held down by it’s eyelets or by water blocks when used on inground pool covers.

During Spring opening the leaf net is removed first, taking with it all the large debris that has collected on top. Now removing the winter cover will be much cleaner and mess free. Eliminating the large decaying mess will allow the cover pump to operate freely and not become clogged with rotting organic matter.

Leaf nets are black in color and ordered by pool size. They are larger than the pool so there is plenty of excess material.

Solar Pool Covers For Ocala Above Ground Pools

Solar Covers – Solar covers are designed to help retain the heat that is in the pool’s water. Made from a Polymer material, solar covers or solar blankets simply float on the water’s surface and prevent the warmth in the water from escaping. A solar pool cover is the most affordable form of pool heater and a necessity for anyone using a natural gas heater, propane pool heater, heat pump or even a solar pool heater system.

If used regularly, a solar blanket or also called solar cover, can add as much as 10+ degrees to the water’s average temperature. This may be enough that a pool heater of other sorts is not needed. And without the use of a solar blanket when operating gas heaters or heat pumps, the cost of heating a swimming pool can double.

Other advantages to the solar cover are the reduction in evaporation by up to 95%, and a reduction in chemical cost when in use.

Safety Pool Covers Ocala FL

Mesh Safety Pool Covers – Like the solid safety pool cover, the mesh safety cover is designed to protect both people and animals from drowning. Mesh safety covers are designed for closing your swimming pool for the winter or extended periods of time. Unlike typical pool covers or solar pool covers, children and pets cannot accidentally fall into the swimming pool if unattended. No dangerous water puddles that develop on the safety cover so no cover pump is needed. Mesh safety pool covers keep debris like leaves or twigs from falling into the pool, while rain and melting snow drain through the mesh panels. The down side is that silt and very small debris will pass through the mesh cover’s fine material. Note: It is possible and cheaper to purchase a standard rectangle safety pool cover for a non-rectangular or free form shape swimming pool. However it voids manufacturer’s warranty due to unintended chaffing and wear. True of all safety cover makers.

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